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(a)    Appointment. Upon motion or inquiry by any interested person or upon its own motion, the court may appoint a court monitor on an emergency basis without notice in any proceeding over which it has jurisdiction.

(b)    Order of Appointment. The order of appointment shall specifically find that there appears to be imminent danger that the physical or mental health or safety of the ward will be seriously impaired or that the ward’s property is in danger of being wasted, misappropriated, or lost unless immediate action is taken. The scope of the matters to be investigated and the powers and duties of the monitor must be specifically enumerated in the order.

(c)    Duration of Authority. The authority of a monitor expires 60 days after the date of appointment or upon a finding of no probable cause, whichever occurs first. The court may enter an order extending the authority of the monitor for an additional 30 days upon a showing that an emergency condition still exists.

(d)    Report. Within 15 days after the entry of an order of appointment, the monitor shall file a verified written report setting forth the monitor’s findings and recommendations. The report may be supported by documents or other evidence. The time for filing the report may be extended by the court for good cause.

(e)    Review. Upon review of the report, the court shall enter an order determining whether there is probable cause to take further action to protect the person or property of the ward.

(1)    If the court finds no probable cause, the court shall enter an order finding no probable cause and discharging the monitor.

(2)    If the court finds probable cause, the court shall enter an order directed to the respondent stating the essential facts constituting the conduct charged and requiring the respondent to appear before the court to show cause why the court should not take further action. The order shall specify the time and place of the hearing with a reasonable time to allow for the preparation of a defense after service of the order. A copy of the order to show cause together with the order of appointment and report of the monitor shall be served upon the guardian, the ward, the ward’s attorney, if any, and the respondent.

(f)     Protecting Ward. If at any time prior to the hearing on the order to show cause the court enters a temporary injunction, a restraining order, an order freezing assets, an order suspending the guardian or appointing a guardian ad litem, or any other order to protect the physical or mental health, safety, or property of the ward, the order or injunction shall be served on the guardian, the ward, the ward’s attorney, if any, and such other persons as the court may determine.

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