(a)    Inventory. Within 60 days after issuance of letters, the guardian of the property shall file a verified inventory as required by law. All property not in the guardian’s possession as of the date the inventory is filed shall be so identified.

(b)    Amended or Supplemental Inventory. If the guardian of the property learns of any property not included in the inventory, or learns that the description in the inventory is inaccurate, the guardian shall, within 30 days of this discovery, file a verified amended or supplemental inventory showing the change.

(c)    Substantiating Documents. Unless ordered by the court, the guardian need not file the documents substantiating the inventory. Upon reasonable written request, the guardian of the property shall make the substantiating documents available for examination to those persons entitled to receive or inspect the inventory.

(d)    Safe-Deposit Box Inventory. If the ward has a safe- deposit box, a copy of the safe-deposit box inventory shall be filed as part of the verified inventory.

(e)    Guardian Advocates. This rule shall apply to a guardian advocate to the extent that the guardian advocate was granted authority over the property of the person with a developmental disability.