(a)    Applicability. This rule applies to all guardian accountings required under Chapter 744, Florida Statutes, other than a simplified accounting permitted under section 744.3679, Florida Statutes.

(b)    Contents. A guardian accounting shall include:

(1)    a statement of the starting balance of assets on hand at the beginning of the accounting period which shall be the ending balance of the preceding accounting, or if none, the value of assets on the inventory;

(2)    a full and correct account of the receipts and disbursements of all of the ward’s property over which the guardian has control since the date of the last accounting or, if none, from the date of issuance of letters of guardianship;

(3)    a schedule of assets at the end of the accounting period; and

(4)    in the case of annual accountings, a copy of the annual or year-end statement of all of the ward’s cash accounts from each of the institutions where the cash is deposited.

(c)    Accounting Standards. The following standards are required for the accounting of all transactions occurring on or after January 1, 2017:

(1)    Accountings shall be stated in a manner that is understandable to persons who are not familiar with practices and terminology peculiar to the administration of guardianships.

(2)    The accounting shall begin with a concise summary of its purpose and content.

(3)    The accounting shall contain sufficient information disclosing all significant transactions affecting administration during the accounting period.

(4)    The accounting shall contain 2 values in the schedule of assets at the end of the accounting period, the asset acquisition value or carrying value, and estimated current value.

(5)    Gains and losses incurred during the accounting period shall be shown separately in the same schedule.

(d)    Accounting Format. A model format for an accounting is attached to this rule as Appendix A.

(e)    Verification. All accountings shall be verified by the guardian filing the accounting.

(f)     Substantiating Documents. Unless otherwise ordered by the court, the guardian need not file the documents substantiating the guardian accounting. Upon reasonable written request, the guardian of the property shall make the substantiating documents available for examination to persons entitled to receive or inspect the guardian accounting.

(g)    Interim Inspection of Records. Upon reasonable written request and notice, the guardian of the property shall make all material financial records pertaining to the guardianship available for inspections to those persons entitled to receive or inspect the guardian accounting.