(a)    Commitment; 6-Month Report. The Department of Children and Families shall admit to an appropriate facility a defendant found not guilty by reason of insanity under rule 3.217 and found to meet the criteria for commitment for hospitalization and treatment and may retain and treat the defendant. No later than 6 months from the date of admission, the administrator of the facility shall file with the court a report, and provide copies to all parties, which shall address the issues of further commitment of the defendant. If at any time during the 6-month period, or during any period of extended hospitalization that may be ordered under this rule, the administrator of the facility shall determine that the defendant no longer meets the criteria for commitment, the administrator shall notify the court by such a report and provide copies to all parties.  The procedure for determinations of the confidential status of reports is governed by Rule of General Practice and Judicial Administration 2.420.

(b)    Right to Hearing if Committed upon Acquittal. The court shall hold a hearing within 30 days of the receipt of any report from the administrator of the facility on the issues raised thereby, and the defendant shall have a right to be present at the hearing. If the court determines that the defendant continues to meet the criteria for continued commitment or treatment, the court shall order further commitment or treatment for a period not to exceed 1 year. The same procedure shall be repeated before the expiration of each additional 1-year period in which the defendant is retained by the facility.

(c)    Evidence to Determine Continuing Insanity. Before any hearing held under this rule, the court may, on its own motion, and shall, on motion of counsel for the state or defendant, appoint no fewer than 2 nor more than 3 experts to examine the defendant relative to the criteria for continued commitment or placement of the defendant and shall specify the date by which the experts shall report to the court on these issues and provide copies to all parties.