(a)    Notice to State Attorney. After a petition has been served the state attorney may demand in writing that the child, who intends to offer an alibi defense, shall provide the state attorney with the details of the alibi as to the time and place where the child claims to have been at the time of the alleged offense and the names and addresses of such witnesses as may appear to testify thereon. The child shall comply as above not less than 10 days before the trial date.

(b)    Rebuttal Witness List. The state attorney shall, within 5 days of the receipt thereof, provide the child with a list of such witnesses to be called to rebut the alibi testimony.

(c)    Sanctions. Should the child fail or refuse to comply with the provisions hereof, the court may in its discretion exclude testimony of alibi witnesses other than the child or, should the state attorney fail to comply herewith, the court may in its discretion exclude rebuttal testimony offered by the state.

(d)    Waiver of Rule. For good cause shown, the court may waive the requirements of this rule.