(a)    Hearing. The court shall review the contents of the case plan at the disposition or case plan review hearing unless a continuance for the filing of the case plan has been granted by the court.

(b)    Determinations by Court. At the hearing, the court shall determine if:

(1)    The plan is consistent with the previous orders of the court placing the child in care.

(2)    The plan is consistent with the requirements for the content of a case plan as provided by law.

(3)    The parents were advised of their right to have counsel present at all prior hearings and the parents were advised of their right to participate in the preparation of the case plan and to have counsel or any other person assist in the preparation of the case plan.

(4)    The case plan is meaningful and designed to address the facts, circumstances, and problems on which the court based its order of dependency for the child.

(5)    The plan adequately addresses the goals and needs of the child.

(c)    Amendment of Initial Case Plan. During the hearing, if the court determines that the case plan does not meet statutory requirements and include previous court orders, it shall order the parties to make amendments to the plan. The amended plan must be submitted to the court within 30 days for another hearing and approval. A copy of the amended plan must be provided to each party, if the location of the party is known, at least 3 business days before filing with the court. If the parties do not agree on the final terms, the court shall order those conditions and tasks it believes must be accomplished to obtain permanency for the child. In addition, the court may order the department to provide those services necessary to assist in achieving the goal of the case plan.

(d)    Entry of Findings. The court shall enter its findings with respect to the review of the case plan in writing and make specific findings on each element required by law to be included in a case plan.

(e)    Review Hearing. The court will set a hearing to review the performance of the parties to the case plan no later than 90 days after the disposition hearing or the hearing at which the case plan was approved, 6 months from the date on which the child was removed from the home, or 6 months from the date of the last judicial review, whichever comes first.