(a)    Advisory Hearing.

(1)    An advisory hearing on the petition to terminate parental rights must be held as soon as possible after service of process can be effected, but no less than 72 hours following service of process. Personal appearance of any person at the advisory hearing eliminates the time requirement for serving process on that person.

(2)    The court must:

(A)    advise the parents of their right to counsel including the right to an effective attorney and appoint an attorney in accordance with legal requirements;

(B)    advise the parents of the availability of private placement of the child with an adoption entity, as defined in chapter 63, Florida Statutes;

(C)    determine whether an admission, consent, or denial to the petition shall be entered; and

(D)    appoint a guardian ad litem if one has not already been appointed.

(3)    If a parent served with notice fails to personally appear at the advisory hearing, the court shall enter a consent to the termination of parental rights petition for the parent who failed to personally appear.

(4)    If an admission or consent is entered by all parents for a named child included in the petition for termination of parental rights and the court finds that termination of parental rights is in the best interest of the child, the court shall proceed to disposition alternatives as provided by law.

(5)    If a denial is entered, the court shall set an adjudicatory hearing within the period of time provided by law or grant a continuance until the parties have sufficient time to proceed to an adjudicatory hearing.

(b)    Pretrial Status Conference. Not less than 10 days before the adjudicatory hearing on a petition for involuntary termination of parental rights, the court shall conduct a pretrial status conference to determine the order in which each party may present witnesses or evidence, the order in which cross- examination and argument shall occur, which witnesses will be physically present and which will appear via audio-video communication technology, and any other matters that may aid in the conduct of the adjudicatory hearing.

(c)    Voluntary Terminations. An advisory hearing may not be held if a petition is filed seeking an adjudication to voluntarily terminate parental rights. Adjudicatory hearings for petitions for voluntary termination must be set within 21 days of the filing of the petition. Notice of intent to rely on this subdivision must be filed with the court as required by law.