(a)    No Written Answer Required. No answer to the petition need be filed by the parent. The parent of the child may enter an oral or written answer to the petition or appear and remain silent.

(b)    Plea of Denial. If the parent denies the allegations of the petition, appears and remains silent, or pleads evasively, the court shall enter a denial and shall set the case for an adjudicatory hearing.

(c)    Plea of Admission or Consent. If the parent appears and enters a plea of admission or consent to the termination of parental rights, the court shall determine that the admission or consent is made voluntarily and with a full understanding of the nature of the allegations and the possible consequences of the plea and that the parent has been advised of the right to be represented by counsel. The court shall incorporate these findings into its order of disposition, in addition to findings of fact specifying the act or acts causing the termination of parental rights.