(a)    Transfer of Cases Within the State of Florida. After the commencement of a proceeding pursuant to rule 8.601, the court may transfer any case after adjudication, when adjudication is withheld, or before adjudication where witnesses are available in another jurisdiction, to the circuit court for the county in which is located the domicile or usual residence of the child or such other circuit as the court may determine to be for the best interest of the child and to promote the efficient administration of justice. The transferring court shall enter an order transferring its jurisdiction and certifying the case to the proper court, furnishing all parties, the clerk, and the state attorney of the receiving court a copy of the order of transfer within 5 days. The clerk shall also transmit a certified copy of the file to the receiving court within 5 days.

(b)    Transfer of Cases Among States. If it should appear at any time that an action involving the child is pending in another state, the court may transfer jurisdiction, stay the proceedings, or dismiss the action as provided by law.