(a)    Petition to Be Filed. Proceedings for a judicial waiver of parental notice of and consent or consent only to termination of pregnancy shall be commenced by the filing of a petition in circuit court.

(b)    Pseudonymous Petitions. Petitions filed under a pseudonym or initials shall be filed simultaneously with a sworn statement containing the minor’s true name, date of birth, address and the case number. A certified copy of this Sworn Statement of True Name and Pseudonym shall be given to the minor at the time it is filed. The original sworn statement shall be kept under seal at all times and may only be opened at the minor’s request or by court order.

(c)    Notice Under Pseudonymous Petitions. So that the minor may receive notice in a safe and secure manner, the minor shall elect to receive notice through the address and phone number of a trusted third person or by personally contacting the clerk’s office. If the minor elects to personally contact the clerk’s office, she must still provide an address and phone number of a third person through which to receive notice in the event that the court needs to provide notice at a time other than when the minor personally contacts the clerk’s office.

(d)    Procedures Upon Filing Petition. Upon the filing of a petition, the clerk of the circuit court shall immediately:

(1)    open a new file and assign a new case number;

(2)    provide the minor with a certified copy of Form 8.988, Sworn Statement of True Name and Pseudonym;

(3)    provide the minor with Form 8.989, Advisory Notice to Minor;

(4)    present the petition to the court for scheduling of the hearing and appointment of counsel, if requested; and

(5)    provide notice of the hearing to the minor. If it is not possible for the clerk to immediately provide notice at the time the minor files the petition, the clerk shall provide notice through the method elected by the minor in the petition.

(e)    Fees and Costs. No filing fees or court costs shall be assessed against any pregnant minor who petitions a court for a waiver of parental notice and consent or consent only.