(a)    Record of Pleas. All pleas entered in open court shall be recorded by an official court reporter or electronic means, unless the defendant signs a written waiver of this right.

(b)    Written Pleas of Guilty or Nolo Contendere. Subject to the approval of the court, written pleas of guilty or nolo contendere may be entered in criminal traffic offenses, and sentence imposed thereon.

(c)    Nonresident of County; Affidavit of Defense. Any person charged with the commission of a criminal traffic offense who is not a resident of or domiciled in a county where the alleged offense took place may, at the discretion of the court, file a written statement setting forth facts justifying the filing of an affidavit of defense or file an affidavit of defense directly, if practicable, upon posting a reasonable bond set by the court.