(a)     Trial Calendar. The clerk of the circuit court or the clerk of the county court in those counties where such a clerk is provided, hereinafter referred to as the clerk, shall maintain a trial calendar. The placing of any action thereon with the date and time of trial is notice to all concerned of the order in which they may expect such action to be called.

(b)     Records.    The clerk shall maintain records in which accurate entries of all actions brought before the court and notations of the proceedings shall comply with Florida Rule of General Practice and Judicial Administration 2.425 and shall be made:

(1)      including the date of filing;

(2)      the date of issuance, service, and return of process;

(3)      the appearance of such parties as may appear;

(4)      the fact of trial, whether by court or jury;

(5)      the issuance of execution and to whom issued and the date thereof and return thereon and, when satisfied, a marginal entry of the date thereof;

(6)      the issuance of a certified copy;

(7)      a memorandum of the items of costs including witness fees; and

(8)      the record of the verdict of the jury or finding of the judge, and the judgment, including damages and costs, which judgments may be kept in a separate judgment book; and is searchable by parties’ names with reference to action and case number.